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During Lockdown we have seen our waiting list grow and it is currently extremely long. If you would still like to be added to the waiting list, please email

Beginners Courses 2022 – Course Overview

We run three courses each year running in Spring, Summer and Autumn.  They are designed to teach the basic skills of archery in a friendly and enjoyable way and are run in accordance with the Archery GB requirements and guidelines.

Almost anyone can take part and enjoy archery regardless of age and physical ability, (although a degree of physical fitness is required).  However the club does have strict conditions regarding the participation of young persons (see below for further details).

All the equipment (bow, arrows, quiver, arm guard and finger tab) is provided by us, just turn up and enjoy the sport.

At the end of the Course you will have been taught the essential safety requirements to protect yourself and others from harm.  You should be able to shoot an Olympic style Recurve Bow with reasonable confidence and skill. You will also have been given a brief introduction to other types of bows (traditional Longbow, Compound Bow and others), all of which can be shot at Lichfield Archers should you decide to become a member.

On completion of the Course, successful candidates will be presented with a Certificate of Competency required to apply for membership of Lichfield Archers.  The Certificate is also accepted at other archery clubs.

Our Beginner’s Course can be used as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

What the Course entails

The Course comprises five consecutive sessions which take place on Wednesday evenings between 7pm  to 9pm.  Courses usually take place using our 20 yard indoor range but when warmer Summer evenings permit we often try to shoot outdoors on our 100 yard field.

Below is a brief overview of what each week comprises:

Week One: Understanding the basics

Your first session starts with an introduction to archery and a safety briefing to ensure you and your fellow beginners are kept safe.  You will then be allocated a bow, arrows, quiver, arm guard and finger tab.  It’s then off to the shooting range where you will be given a demonstration on how to shoot a recurve bow using the ‘T Draw’ shooting style, followed by ‘one on one’ instruction.  

In the first week you will shoot from a distance of 10 yards to get you familiar with how to shoot.  We will also introduce you to resistance band practice help you practice your technique at home.

Week Two: Refining your technique 

After a quick recap you will be back in the range straight away but this time shooting from 20 yards.  Our instructors will help you throughout to refine and improve your technique, focussing on getting a good posture, consistent anchor and relaxed arrow release.

Week Three: Starting to hit ‘Gold’

In the third week you we will look to refine your shooting technique to improve consistency and start to hit ‘Gold’.

Week Four: Practice, practice, practice 

This week the objective is to continue to develop a good shooting style with an emphasis on ensuring a consistent draw to help arrow grouping.

Week Five: How to score 

In this session you will be taught how to score and fill out a standard competition score sheet.  For our younger archers there is the opportunity to create your own pizza! We will also give details on how to become a member of Lichfield Archers should you wish to join us on successful completion of your course.

Week Six: Putting it all together 

The last evening will be run as a mock club night and will be your final opportunity to refine your technique.  There will still be coaching available but the aim of this session is to give you a taster of what it’s like to shoot on a normal Tuesday/Thursday club night where you will be shooting alongside the instructors and other club members.  

This session will also act as a ‘mop up’ for anyone who missed a previous session.

During the evening you will also be presented with your Certificate of Competency.

Course Fees & Dates

We run three courses per year.  This year our courses are due to commence on the following dates:

Autumn > Wednesday 14th September 2022

Our courses cost £50 per adult and £50 per junior (under 18 years old at the start of the course).  This includes insurance, loan of equipment and instruction from our archery coaches.  Refreshments and biscuits are also provided.To ensure everyone benefits from coaching, each course is limited to a maximum of 15 people.  The minimum age for Junior Archers is 8 years (see further details below).

To enquire about course availability please fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page. 

Enrolment usually opens around six weeks before the start of each course when Beginners Course Application Forms are sent out to those who have expressed an interest.

What options do you have after completion of the Course

After successful completion of the course you may decide to pursue archery further and join Lichfield Archers.  If you do, then as a member you are welcome to continue to use the club equipment until such time you decide to buy your own equipment.  There is no additional charge for using club equipment.

Should you decide to get your own kit, a member of the coaching team will be happy to give advice on the purchase of suitable equipment so you don’t waste money on a bow or arrows that do not suit you.  Whatever you do, please try to avoid buying equipment from your favourite internet auction site until you get more experience, as you will almost certainly not be spending your money wisely.

Annual membership fees are split in two parts. There is club subscription to cover the cost of maintaining the club facilities, paying electricity/water bills and replacing targets. In addition there are affiliation fees to Archery GB which provides you with indemnity insurance, a glossy magazine delivered to your home address every three months and provides you with a membership card which allows you to enter non-club competitions. 

Current fees are summarised below:

Membership CategoryClub Subscription
(March to April)
Achery GB Affiliation
(Oct to Sept)
Senior members
(aged 18 and over)
£144£53.25 (aged 25 and over)
£18.25 (aged between 18 and 24)
Junior Members
(under 18s as of 1st oct 2022
Family Membership
(Comprising 2 Seniors + 2 Juniors OR 1 Senior + 3 Juniors)
£288Based on the above member mix
Non Shooting Members

Note: Correct as of Sept 2022 for the period Oct 22/Sep23. Fees may be subject to change due to costs during this time, please confirm at time of joining, Any increases will be changed on here when notified.

To spread the cost of fees club subscriptions and Archery GB affiliations are staggered and should you join part way through a year then costs are pro-rata based on the month you join.

Should you decide to get your own kit, a member of the coaching team will be happy to give advice on the purchase of suitable equipment so you don’t waste money on a bow or arrows that do not suit you. Whatever you do, please try to avoid buying equipment from your favourite internet auction site until you get more experience, as you will almost certainly not be spending your money wisely.

Why choose a Lichfield Archers Beginners Course?

Unlike most archery clubs we have our own indoor and outdoor ranges which are available for use my members 365 days a year 24 hours a day.  By taking your Beginners Course at Lichfield Archers you will be coached by existing club members and you will start to build friendships from day one.  There is no extra charge for our friendship ☺.  

Should you decide to join Lichfield Archers following successful completion of the course we often find that several beginners on the same course also join at the same time.  We feel this helps new members integrate into the club and as you will already know several of our Coaches and the club, this can make joining a club less daunting compared with going somewhere new.  Our normal club evenings are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Clothing, Jewellery, and Footwear Safety

For your own safety and comfort you will need to comply with the following dress guidelines:

  • Long hair should be secured out of the way
  • It is recommended to wear close fitting clothes that will not catch on the bow string, so please avoid loose sleeves, baggy collars, cardigans and scarves
  • Shoes should have enclosed toes, so that you do not stub your toes against arrows buried in the grass. Flip-flops, sandals and open toed shoes will not be allowed.
  • All facial piercings and upper body piercings will need to be removed as if these get caught in a bow string it will be very painful (ouch!)
  • Avoid dangly earrings and loose bracelets and necklaces, for the same reasons
  • On outdoor courses bring a warm jumper

Disabilities & Injuries

At Lichfield Archers we aim to welcome everyone and we will endeavour to deliver a suitable course to anyone who asks for it.  

Please disclose any reduced or impaired physical, sensory or mental capacities which may affect your ability to shoot safely.  This information is held in the strictest confidence.

Safety Requirements

We will always try to work with you to ensure you enjoy the course, provided we believe it is safe for you to do so.  Where your safety or the safety of fellow beginners and/or coaches is deemed to be compromised Lichfield Archers may need to review your continued participation on the course.

Children, Young Persons and Vulnerable Adults

We follow the Archery GB policy on safeguarding children, young persons and vulnerable adults. The full policy can be found here or you can contact our dedicated Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection Officer.

In addition to the above, we have some specific policies regarding this.  In practical terms this means we will only accept Juniors 8 years old or older onto our courses. Furthermore, Juniors under 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times, even if the adult is not participating in the course.  This is also an insurance necessity. Lichfield Archers reserves the right to cancel participation on the course for disruptive or unruly behaviour.

As a club we have a minimum age of 8 years.  This is one of the lowest in the Lichfield surrounding area.  The reason for our age limit is based on our beginners equipment, as our lowest bow draw weight has in the past proven to be problematic for younger children and can cause possible injury to the growing body.  We also need to ensure all archers are capable of shooting at least 20 yards but this can be difficult with light draw weight bows.

Young children are assessed on the first night of a Course for their capabilities and temperament to continue the course and to ensure that they can also adhere to the rules and regulations for safety purposes. Therefore, we reserve the right to deny attendance for the remainder of the course.  Should this be the case a full refund of the fee will be issued.

During the Beginners Course and in subsequent coaching, appropriate physical contact is used by coaches for skill development and safety in line with the Archery GB Code of Conduct for Coaches, Judges and Officials.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Data will be held in accordance with Lichfield Archers Privacy Policy

Further information

If you would like more information on our Beginners Course or would like to check availability then please fill in the contact form below.

Please only use this form for the beginners course, if you have a different question then visit the contact us page